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We Are Turkey’s First and Only Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP)

Turkey’s leading strategic IT solutions and services provider Data Market, announced today that it has successfully achieved the audited Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider designation from […]


First and Only Business Partner in Turkey to Have Five Competencies of VMware Master Services

Data Market has become the 15th partner in the world, 11th partner in EMEA by successfully completing all of the processes of VMware Master Services Competency (MSC) [...]
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Microsoft finds underwater datacenters are reliable, practical and use energy sustainably

Earlier this summer, marine specialists reeled up a shipping-container-size datacenter coated in algae, barnacles and sea anemones from the seafloor off Scotland’s Orkney Islands. The retrieval launched […]


What is Azure Advisor?

It is a helpful service that enables you to optimize your Azure resources in the best way. It offers its users recommendations on the cost, safety, reliability, […]


Microsoft Azure Bastion

Emre KapçıkCloud Solutions In this article, I will writing about creating and configuration Azure Bastion and what it is purpose of using. It allows us to make […]


Microsoft Azure DDoS Protection

Serhat SarıBulut Çözümleri Distributed denial of service (DDoS) has been used for many years and its purpose is to cause excessive traffic to an application or service, […]


What is Application Modernization? Why should we modernize?

The term Application Modernization, which we have heard frequently in the ever-evolving and evolving technology sector, is to harness the power of new technologies by making our […]


Azure Availability Sets and Availibility Zones

Emre MacunCloud Solutions Some of people who starts architecting infrastructure using Azure platform, they firstly pitch into VM and start supplying workloads for Azure VM. When you […]

Azure Bot Service ile Microsoft Teams İçerisinde İş Akışı Geliştirme

Building a Workflow in Microsoft Teams with Azure Bot Service

Serhat SarıCloud Solutions In this article, I would like to talk about workflows with Azure Bot Service and Microsoft Teams. What is Azure Bot Service, how to […]

Robots welding in a production line

How to Track Machinery and Manufacturing?

Machine manufacturing tracking increases the manufacturing potential of the factories significantly and manages to exceed expectations in terms of efficiency. Until recently, machine and manufacturing tracking has been carried out […]

Is Microsoft Azure Safe?

Cloud-based services continue to increase gradually to reach a larger audience. But as in all other information-related services, both corporate and individual customers might have different questions […]


Azure Blob Storage Lifecycle Management

İlker DağıdırCloud Solutions In this article, I would like to mention the servant who provides convenience in terms of both cost optimization and storage management in the […]

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Azure VM Stop vs. Deallocated

Emre MacunCloud Solutions In this article, I will explain difference between Azure VM stop and Azure VM stop (deallocated ). There are 2 options to stop VM […]


What are the Advantages of Software Defined Data Center?

SDDC, which is the term Software Defined Data Center, helps to identify, control and access various resources. The importance of companies for Information Technologies (IT) is undeniable […]


Microsoft Azure Using Resource Group

Emre MacunBulut Çözümleri In this article, I want to look at what is azure resource group. Firstly, understanding meaning of resource and resource group is important. Resource […]

Wi-Fi 6 Nedir? Avantajları Nelerdir?

What Is Wi-Fi 6? What Are The Advantages of It?

WiFi technology, which is located in many points of life, runs to the help of users when the wireless network connection is needed. WiFi 6 is the […]

Microsoft Azure App Service Slots

Microsoft Azure App Service Slots

Atakan Sarı Cloud Solutions In this article, I will talk about the Azure App Service and App Service Staging Slots logic, which is one of the most […]

Kağıtsız Ofise Geçiş ve İş Süreçlerin Dijitalleştirilmesi

Transition to Paper-free Office and Digitalization of Business Processes

The world has witnessed a large number of milestones through the two-thousand-year-old history of paper though transformation has been inevitable considering paper as the focal point. The [...]
Kobiler İçin Dijital Dönüşüm

Digital Transformation for SMEs

Digital transformation continues to be on the agenda as a process in which almost every major company is inevitably directed. While large companies point to digital transformation, […]


Azure Service Principal

Emre Macun Cloud Solutions In this article, I will try to explain Azure Service Principal which is one of the concepts I believe should be known well. […]


What is Cognitive Services?

Atakan SARI Cloud Solutions Cognitive Services is a service that Microsoft presents us for develop applications and solve problems in AI area. Cognitive Services uses series of [...]
Identity Management Security Step-by-Step Guide

Identity Management Security: Step-by-Step Guide

Identity Management (IDM) is a key issue, particularly for large organizations. It gets immensely complicated and harder to manage the company’s technological environments unless making clear that […]

Fingerprint Biometric Digital Scan Technology. Graphic interface showing man finger with print scanning identification. Concept of digital security and private data access by use fingerprint scanner.

Identity Centered Security Model in Organizations

Because of the crowding of today’s firms and the increasing variety of jobs and positions, the control of identity and access management has become equally difficult. When […]

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What are Managed Services?

Included among cloud services and mostly mistaken for cloud computing, Managed Services is a field of service in itself and currently offered by many providers. Here are […]


What Has Data Market Brought into the Ecosystem with the Domestic and National Solutions it Produces?

Data Market is an IT company that has been operating in the sector for 27 years. After 2010, it turned into a structure focused on generating more [...]
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What are the Goals of Innovation Studio and The Experience Centre?

We think that transformation in technology begins with people. We also know that cultural change is also significant. In order to support this change, we started two [...]
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What is Aimed for In-House Department Communication with the Innovation Studio?

As Data Market, we established a new academy under the name of Innovation Studio. Within the scope of this Innovation Studio, we support not only the installation [...]

Change of Company Type

Dear Clients and Suppliers, Our company, DATA MARKET BİLGİ HİZMETLERİ LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ, has changed from a private company type to an incorporated company as of 02/07/2019, in [...]

Right to Review Type Change Notice

We would like to announce that in accordance with the Turkish Trade Law No. 6102 Article 188 and, in accordance with the decision of our Board of [...]

What should we consider when purchasing Industry 4.0 and IoT Solutions?

The, “Internet of things”, draws attention for being one of the most important trends in a changing world. One of the key stones of the fourth industrial [...]

Why is the “Compass IoT Suite” solution preferred in the context of Industry 4.0?

Operational efficiency and corporate mind are an integral part of what we need today, as well as what Industry 4.0 requires. To meet such needs, Data Market [...]

What are the advantages of Dijital Yaka to employees?

Dijit@l Yaka is a product we developed as Data Market and brought into use for both white- and blue-collar employees. With this solution, blue collar workers in [...]

What are the digital reality solutions of Data Market?

Data Market has developed over 26 years of experience and competence with Microsoft and Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality technologies in line with the needs [...]

Where is Data Market Positioned in the Software and Technology Sector?

As a matter of fact, Data Market is a company that has been in this sector for 27 years with its integrator identity. However, in addition to [...]

How does Data Market support its clients in technical consultancy and KVKK processes?

I provide consultancy in the Infra branch within Data Market. The area in which we have made the most progress in is our approach to customers in [...]

What is the role of Data Market in corporate licence agreements?

Data Market’s approach to the cloud is mostly based on understanding the strategy of the client and it grows with this strategy. Since, we are aware of [...]

How does Data Market Manage the infrastructure transition process of organisations?

Data Market’s approach to the cloud is mostly based on understanding the strategy of the client and it grows with this strategy. Since, we are aware of [...]

How has “BEST” utilized Data Market solutions?

Data Market’s business partner for 20 years, BEST Information Technologies Communication Manager, Haluk Metin, described the experiences and key points of their collaboration with data market as: [...]

What solutions do Data Market’s R&D teams offer industry?

Data Market has been providing IT consultancy services to its corporate customers utilizing many developers, including Microsoft. This has enabled us to be proficient in software projects [...]

What can be provided by the Compass IoT Suite Platform?

Data Market, which has numerous highly endorsing references from finance, telecommunication, retail, energy, public and production sectors, provides flexibility, business continuity and efficiency to its clients through [...]

What Does Compass IoT Offer Machine Manufacturers and End-Users?

Industry 4.0 is a global concept. I think it is a sector that has been discussed for the past 10 years, yet, in Turkey, when we take [...]

What is Bomaksan and what is it’s relationship with Data Market?

Hosting the Win Eurasia Fair, held on the 14th-17th March, 2019, where machinery manufacturers and consumers gathered to share and inform about new products, innovations and directions [...]

What has Atel Sistem achieved working with Data Market?

Our company, Atel Sistem, based in Izmir, works on industrial image processing and automation systems. We were recently among the exhibitors at the Win Eurasia Fair, where [...]

Data Market ranks 30th among the Top 500 IT Companies

The results of the, “Top 500 IT Companies Turkey 2018 - IT 500”, that involves research into companies in the technology sector that support Turkey’s advance in [...]