What is Bomaksan and what is it’s relationship with Data Market?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hosting the Win Eurasia Fair, held on the 14th-17th March, 2019, where machinery manufacturers and consumers gathered to share and inform about new products, innovations and directions in the technology sector, Bomaksan launched its new products and solutions, developed within the scope of the fair.

In giving briefings about the products and services provided by Bomaksan to the industry, Boysan stated that, “Bomaksan has been providing a wide range of industries with dust collection and filtration systems since 1986. Jetpat filters are our main product in our range, but we manufacture numerous types of dust collection and industrial ventilation systems, offering them together with engineering solutions. We have solutions suitable for various sectors, where dust and smoke may affect the health of employees and pollute the environment.”

Boysan stated that studies on Industry 4.0-compatible manufacturing techniques, which is the trend of the day, are frequently carried out, and that there is a great deal of interest in this issue by many of the businesses that they work with. He added that Bomaksan is continually carrying out studies and research to keep up with this trend.

Bomaksan General Manager, R. Bora Boysan, pointed out that they are now carrying out a study aimed at collecting and evaluating the traceability of their products and the actual data they will receive from the market in order to keep up with the trend, and explained how their path crossed with Data Market, their solution partner for realising their goals. “In the meantime, we conducted research on a cloud system that could gather information about our products. It was at that point our path crossed with Data Market. By gathering information on their cloud platform, as well as collecting authentic information from the field, we aimed to provide a good assessment opportunity and to create an infrastructure that could provide accurate and authentic information to the industry. As a result, we launched a product related to this at the Win Eurasia fair. The feedback we received at the fair was quite positive. It was expressed to me that this information is especially needed for predictive maintenance and it will more than suitably fill this gap. There was a considerable void in the current situation and through our collaboration with Data Market, we have been able to achieve success in our endeavours to close this gap.”
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R. Bora Boysan

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]General Manager

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