This is a Reporting & Publication solution that enables companies to visualize data on different data sources easily and economically.

bi’nokta Reporter

With the reporting tool, users can convert data from different data sources into visual graphics with the Designer.

All Drag & Drop dashboards can be designed and data can be updated instantly. Automatic e-mail can be provided for periodic reporting.

bi’nokta Publisher

Broadcasting tool can be created for Corporate Screens, Meeting and Conference Hall Screens, Menu Board or Exhibition Screens with the broadcast tool.

Corporate TV, Menu Board, Analytical Dashboard, Meeting and Conference, Video Wall modules are designed for the needs of many sectors such as retail, production, finance, health and public sector.

It can be broadcast by making group or person authorizations on the screens that will be integrated with Active Directory and broadcast with a lot of TV Box.

Why bi’nokta?





Drag and Drop


bi'nokta Capabilities

  • Periodically send visual reports to desired users via visualized dashboard designs.
  • See all data on a single report with the drill down feature.
  • Publish, compare and analyze your business data with interactive dashboards at a glance.
  • Easily share critical information such as PPDL (KVKK), information security, job security and audit announcements with all your employees.
  • Strengthen internal communication and motivation by creating a stream of publications tailored to your organization.
  • Centrally Manage your meeting rooms.
  • Increase interaction between your customers with various content such as promotions, advertising and information in stores / branches.
  • Quickly and actively publish menu prices and visuals in your restaurants.
  • Easily manage campaign and promotional news instantly.


bi’nokta designer

This is a tool where dashboards are created by collecting data from various data sources, preparing measurements and calculations easily according to need.

bi’nokta viewer

This is a web-based application designed for use by touch to view and analyze reports that users have prepared or have access rights defined.

bi’nokta admin

This is a web-based end-user application that provides an overview of all settings, where enterprise broadcast flow can be designed and access rights to reports can be granted.

bi’nokta slider

This is an application that allows the reports and broadcast streaming designed with Designer and admin to be displayed on television and kiosk screens.

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*bi’nokta is a domestic and national solution developed by Data Market R&D team.