As of 2016, we started to offer sales, solutions and services from a single point by adding our Authorized Service Center to Dell EMC Enterprise products, which we have been selling for many years.

Featuring the service partner competencies, Data Market provides these services to its customers reliably with its quality team and professional service understanding.

Data Market provides uninterrupted maintenance and repair services under Dell EMC warranty and in accordance with manufacturer-specified procedures. Maintenance and repairs of your products are carried out in the quality of the manufacturer companies with the dynamic, fast and professional approach of Data Market.

In addition to the fast solution in guaranteed support services, extra services such as general inspection and maintenance are provided free of charge to all devices that come to the service, and your products are intended to function as long-lasting and as efficiently as the first day.

Our Dell EMC Service center is designed for your convenience.

If a malfunction occurs in your system, our authorized service center provides quick repair under warranty conditions. All you need to do is deliver your system to our center and then collect it from the same place. When the repair of the supported product is complete, our Dell EMC Authorized Service Center will contact you and make arrangements for you to collect the product.

As a service provider, our goal is to go beyond simple infrastructure services with our corporate applications and industry-specific expertise. As DELL EMC Professional Services Business Partner, our goal is to provide our customers with revenue-generating solutions, innovative and collaborative services.


  • Enables customers to grow their business efficiently.
  • Increases the working speed of the customers and provides flexibility and agility.
  • Provides a significant reduction in capital expenditure for the new product.
  • Eliminates long waiting times for spare parts supply and upgrades.
  • Eliminates tedious tasks like system monitoring, patches and fixes.
  • Allows customers to focus on the main subjects.

Our Services

  • All kinds of Warranty Support Service
  • Repairs at the service center
  • Onsite Support and Repair Services
  • SLA Supported Services