Rapid and Effective Industry 4.0 for Machine Manufacturers

Compass Connected and Smart is a “rapid” and “effective” Industry 4.0 platform developed specifically for machine and device manufacturers.

What Does Connected and Smart Provide for You?

Ensures that the machines and equipment you manufacture are always “connected” and that critical performance data is easily collected and recorded.

Allows your support teams to remotely connect to your machines. It contributes to quick, low cost problem solving.

Allows your customers to monitor machine operation and performance data live on the web and mobile devices.

Ensures easy and clear monitoring of machines in real-time on web pages.

Allows your customers to integrate their machine data with MES and ERP systems they use.

Warns support teams regarding required maintenance and interventions.

Sends messages and alerts to your customers’ maintenance and support teams regarding critical issues and performance problems of the machines.

Compass Connected and Smart brings all the functions to your organisation “rapidly” and “effectively” with the Cloud Service Subscription Model.

What Can You Do on Compass Connected and Smart?


Transform your machines to “connected” and “smart” systems for Industry 4.0.

Easily Transmit

Transmit your data in an easy and effective process to a stable platform.

Visualise and Analyse

Visualise and analyse your data with easy and clear graphs.

Inform Your Customers

Inform the operational teams of your choice with instant messages.

Remote Support

Remotely connect to your machines. Offer rapid and effective support services.


Integrate your machines with MES and ERP systems through secure API connections.

Read Machine Data

Read the telemetry data of your machines in a standard and effective way.

Store Your Data

Centrally store and categorise your machine data.

Share with Your Customers

Share selected data with your customer through the web.

Inform the Support Teams

Warn your teams with alarms and messages. Share problem details to enable solutions.


Correlate your machine data with physical events such as maintenance, repair and alteration. Record what’s carried out under what circumstance.


Forecast malfunctions with the data you have collected earlier. Prevent your customers from experiencing unexpected malfunctions.