Data and information, which are among the most important resources of corporations, must be protected in all forms. Failure to protect this precious resource not only leads to financial losses, but could also lead to loss of reputation, the results of which may last for many years, and those results are not fully predictable. Data and information security should be considered as a whole in order to prevent investments from being damaged due to such weaknesses.

As a requirement of conformity, compliance and standardization, corporations must comply with a number of safety standards, depending on the sectors in which they operate and on their security requirements.

Data Market provides end-to-end security consultancy services to its corporate customers with its comprehensive product knowledge on security solutions, many years of experience and expert team.

Why Security Solutions?

Protection of corporate information

Protection against browser attacks

Ensuring data security

Virtual and physical endpoint protection

Protection against web threats

Cloud-based protection against malwares

Our Security Solutions Portfolio

ideal (Central Identity Management)

Single, centralized and intelligent identity management can be performed with the domestic Intelligent Identity Management, a specialist solution of Data Market.

Software Based Security

It is a network virtualization platform used in Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) model.

End User Security

It provides threat protection and data security to protect your users and corporate information on every device and application.

Data Center Security

Managed Service Provider Data Center Security Solutions works to detect suspicious malware behavior and ensure data center integrity.

Application Security

With VMware AppDefense, you ensure application security in virtualized and cloud environments. AppDefense is authorized within the vSphere Hypervisor.

Network Security

It is located in the network gateway, allowing users to move safely inside and outside.