ideal IDM (Identity Management)

ideal is a central identity management solution for organizations that automatically identifies and synchronizes employee identities on all systems where access is required.
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Traditionally, Identity management configurations in organizations run manually by the Information Technology department, which causes a costly and long-lasting process. From this perspective, a people-driven identity management process leads to a significant time-wasting in operations and increases the risks in terms of security policies.

ideal Identity Management (IDM) solution identifies the identity of an employee to all systems automatically from the moment of first-work day. E-mail accounts, group identifications, printer identification, door entry authorizations, coffee vending machine authorizations, ERP, SAP system access rights will be activated automatically. ideal Identity Management (IDM) solution covers the entire identity lifecycle. The system applies automatically on every process like hiring, a new position, substitution, resign and promotion. In the case of seasonally hiring/resign of employees, the identity management system removes the identities and permissions of the relevant employees from all systems. Identity data can be deleted completely or can be disabled periodically.


Identity Synchronization

Identity data will be synchronized and integrated into all other systems based on the reference system. Data can be imported from multiple sources and these data can be synchronized to more than one source. The definition of objects that synchronized can be adjusted and the objects (User, computer, printer, Device, etc.) can be synchronized by setting the properties.

Self-Service Password Management

This is a tool where users can change their passwords and manage locked systems through web-based self-service screens. In this structure, SMS-OTP authentication
and other authentication methods (confidential questions or information can be verified from an internal data source) can be applied.

Connector Engine

This is a special connector structure that can be edited by the user to enable integration and synchronization with 3rd party systems. It provides a built-in code development environment to meet advanced integration needs and can be used to inject code on the connector using .NET.

Workflow Engine

ideal offers an advanced workflow structure that complex data synchronization and the operation of the connectors can be adjusted by users. Workflows can be triggered manually or automatically at the specified time.

Customizable Default Forms

A form structure allow users to define a new identity and make edits to existing identities. Web-based end-user forms can be designed with the drag / drop technique for the identity or objects to be created.

Monitoring and Diagnostics

Certain code scripts can be accessed via ideal Studio, new ones can be written using ready code snippets, and monitored errors can be corrected during the system operation.

SIEM & Log Management

All logs related to the application of the system can be monitored, notification settings can be created according to needs, web service settings are made and workflows can be monitored instantly and retrospectively. Data, inputs and relationships on the system can be displayed.

Customizable Report Design

ideal has a reporting system that admin and the developers can use these tools to create reports and dashboard design.

GDPR (KVKK) & GDPR Dashboard

It is a special dashboard tool that makes it easy to monitor user access privileges requested by the GDPR (KVKK) and Quality standards.

Why ideal

It’s Fast

It’s Flexible

It’s Central

It’s Easy

It’s Economic

It’s Secure

ideal IDM & Productivity

  • Reduce operational costs and time.
  • Enable self-service password management for end users.
  • Manage the identification and verification process from a single point.
  • Integrate identity management across all environments, regardless of Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid.
  • Automate user group management.
  • Receive periodic notifications and reports.

ideal IDM Security and Compliance

  • Have a holistic view of traceable and reportable systems.
  • Manage security risks caused by human errors and unnecessary permissions.
  • Ensure that the right users have the right access to the right systems at the right time.
  • Create an authorization matrix and comply with KVKK and Quality standards.

Identity Management Systems are the most important tools that ensure the implementation of policies for application security. These solutions provide organizations with important functions in terms of operational efficiency as well as security and compliance. Identity management and authentication applications, as well as intrusion detection and prevention systems, are among the most effective security technologies to help organizations become cyber-resistant.

Today, more than 75% of cyberattacks against corporations occur as a result of hackers stealing their credentials. Hackers have access to the systems for months after they enter the corporate network and cause significant financial losses for corporations. For this reason, multi-layered security approaches centered on corporate identity gain importance. Our ideal solution helps organizations with centralized identity synchronization and role management approach.

As many applications in organizations enable users to access, process, and manage their corporate processes structurally, uncontrolled access creates security vulnerabilities. Therefore, it is necessary to manage who can access which application, why, how and when. Our ideal Identity Management solution comes into play at this point in the context of application security, integrating with existing SIEM solutions and automatically deactivating user rights in suspicious or  risky access scenarios and notifying relevant administrators.

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*ideal is a domestic and national solution developed by Data Market R&D team.